Seminar Series on Race and Racism in the Global South

05.05.21 04:51 PM By African Association of Political Science

This seminar series brings together conversations about race and racism across Africa, Asia and South America.

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by School of Politics & Economics - King's College London

About this Event

Academic debates, particularly theoretical conversations, about race and racism in the Global South have tended to rely heavily on the US experience. Recognising the importance of thinking through the specific forms of racist exclusions in other parts of the world, with a focus on the implications for anti-racism theorising, this seminar series brings together scholars from a broad range of disciplines for a sustained conversation about race and racism in the Global South.

All are welcome to join. Prior registration is necessary to attend the seminar. All seminars held on Tuesdays at 15.00 – 16.00 UK time.

*Please note - joining instructions will be sent to you closer to the time of your chosen seminar*



Summer Term 2021

4 May: Dr Monica Moreno Figeuroa (University of Cambridge, UK) and Professor Peter Wade (University of Manchester, UK)

Inflections of Anti-Racism in Latin America

18 May: Dr Ayesha Omar (Witwatersrand University, South Africa)

Sam C. Nolutshungu: Race, Reform, Resistance and the Black Consciousness Movement

1 June: Dr Dwaipayan Sen (FLAME University, India)

Uncanny juxtapositions: Conditions of possibility for the comparison of race and caste.

15 June: Dr Sara Marzagora (King’s College London, UK).

Slavery in Ethiopian historiography and political thought: Käbbädä Mikael’s Ethiopia and Western Civilisation (1948/49)

29 June: Dr Joel Modiri (University of Pretoria, South Africa). Title TBC

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